The app implements and guides you to the completion of the Safe Food Handler program. Seven food-safety subjects are covered and your learning is assessed, as required for certification as a Safe Food Handler.
  1. Foodborne illness
  2. Time/temperature control for safety
  3. Employee hygiene
  4. Receiving food
  5. Storing food
  6. Preparing and serving food
  7. Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Have an iPhone or iPad and know how to use mobile apps
  • Download and run the Safe Food Handler mobile app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Register and create an account
  • Pay the license fee of $15 (Discounted for Team Path group participants)
Payment must be made as an In-App Purchase after you have installed and checked out the App.
You may be experienced with food safety. Or you're a food-safety beginner. Or you may be a business or classroom working with many people.

The Safe Food Handler program recognizes the different training needs people have. The Fast Path, Master Path, and Team Path fit these individual needs.
The Fast Path is how an experienced food handler most efficiently completes the certificate program.
  • First, they must use the quiz feature on at least four of the seven levels of instruction. This demonstrates subject knowledge.
  • They may then take the 40-question exam. They pass with a score of at least 70%, and thereby earn the certificate.
The Master Path is how a new or inexperienced food handler builds great expertise. Learning Accelerators boost mastery of all seven levels of course instruction. The Master Path Learning Accelerators include:
  • Coins and peeks that streamline course-info lookup and learning
  • Level skill calculations that show exam readiness for each course-instruction level
  • Quiz time tracking that develops confidence and speedy recall
The Master Path is optional but encouraged because it builds mastery.
When the app is used by a group of people, they use the Team Path. Team Tools enhance group play, and support individual use of the Fast Path and Master Path features. The Team Path is recommended for any group with a shared interest in food safety. From a few friends and coworkers, or businesses and classrooms of hundreds of people.
Team Tools make for great group training.
  • INVITES are used to ask others to join a Safe Food Handler game. Notice the discounted license fee for training game participants
  • Designated TRAINERS can follow the progress of new trainees
  • Course INSTRUCTION can be presented as part of a physical or virtual classroom, using the App's course material and Apple TV (or other digital projection system)
  • Group CHALLENGES add fun activities into pre-shift meetings or classrooms
  • Use of the STANDINGS page and the Top-5 Most Active list makes for a nice team review of daily or weekly progress
  • GAME TRAINING REPORTS summarize participation of group members
The payment of a $15 license fee allows full participation in the certificate program. Without the payment of the license fee, the participant may access the certificate program as a free trial.

As a free trial, the certificate program limits access to just two of the seven levels. And no exam attempts are allowed. You can send invites from a free trial game, and then you and all others that join the game can pay discounted license fees.