Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Safe Food Handler game is like a virtual classroom in which one or more members work to complete the certificate program. If someone begins a free trial of the Safe Food Handler certificate program, a new game is created for them. They can invite others to join their games.

License fees are reduced for multi-member games.
Experienced people, untrained people, and business/classroom organizations all have different needs for food safety training. The Fast Path, Master Path, and Team Path describe how the Safe Food Handler app supports their needs in different ways.
The Fast Path is how an experienced food handler most efficiently completes the certificate program.
  • First, they must use the quiz feature on at least four of the seven levels of instruction. This demonstrates subject knowledge.
  • They may then take the 40-question exam. They pass with a score of at least 70%, and thereby earn the certificate.
The Master Path is how a new or inexperienced food handler builds great expertise. Learning Accelerators boost mastery of all seven levels of course instruction. The Master Path Learning Accelerators include:
  • Coins and peeks that streamline course-info lookup and learning
  • Level skill calculations that show exam readiness for each course-instruction level
  • Quiz time tracking that develops confidence and speedy recall
The Master Path is optional but encouraged because it builds mastery.
When the app is used by a group of people, they use the Team Path. Team Tools enhance group play, and support individual use of the Fast Path and Master Path features. The Team Path is recommended for any group with a shared interest in food safety. From a few friends and coworkers, or businesses and classrooms of hundreds of people.
Team Tools make for great group training.
  • INVITES are used to ask others to join a Safe Food Handler game. Notice the discounted license fee for training game participants
  • Designated TRAINERS can follow the progress of new trainees
  • Course INSTRUCTION can be presented as part of a physical or virtual classroom, using the App's course material and Apple TV (or other digital projection system)
  • Group CHALLENGES add fun activities into pre-shift meetings or classrooms
  • Use of the STANDINGS page and the Top-5 Most Active list makes for a nice team review of daily or weekly progress
  • GAME TRAINING REPORTS summarize participation of group members
There are two good reasons to invite others to your training game.
  1. BETTER TRAINING. Training with others increases program success. People actually learn faster and better when training together. The game lead creates the invite, which is sent by email to the invitee. When they sign in, they are automatically added to the game.
  2. LOWER COSTS. Everyone that is part of a multi-member training game gets a discount on the license fee.
The certificate is the official record attesting to the completion of the program by an individual. It includes all necessary information of who, when, and how. The official certificate is safely held by Cogneti in a records vault. The badge is a portable representation of the certificate, designed to be safe from loss or misuse. All badges have a unique certificate key that can be used to validate authenticity on the website. The badge may be printed, emailed, or otherwise used as evidence.
A certificate key is a unique identifier key attached to each certificate. The key is used to identify key certificate items.
  1. The individual user
  2. The course of study
  3. The date and time the user achieved a passing score on the course assessment
The level skill is calculated each time a level quiz is completed. Level skill is calculated from two measures.
  1. The subject coverage of all possible topics for the given level
  2. The level quiz scores earned by the learner
These two factors (the coverage and quiz scoring), when multiplied together, will produce a level skill.
The Safe Food Handler course has seven levels of instruction.
  1. Foodborne illness
  2. Time/temperature control for safety
  3. Employee hygiene
  4. Receiving food
  5. Storing food
  6. Preparing and serving food
  7. Cleaning and sanitizing
The use of levels divide large groups of information into smaller, more manageable portions and allow the learner to track their skills and progress.
Coins are given as users read through course material. Coins are incentives, because they can be used during quizzes to directly peek at course material where quiz answers are found.
The payment of a license fee allows full participation in the certificate program. Without the payment of the license fee, the participant may access the certificate program as a free trial. As a free trial, the certificate program limits access to just two of the seven levels. And no exam attempts are allowed. You can send invites from a free trial game, and then you and all others that join the game can pay discounted license fees.
A free trial is when a single person begins the certificate program, and has not yet paid the program license fee. The startup page of the Safe Food Handler app lets you start a free trial.

As a free trial, the certificate program limits access to just two of the seven levels. And no exam attempts are allowed.